Hannah Ross, Founder

Hi! My name is Hannah Ross. I am a certified educational therapist based in Santa Monica, California with over ten years of experience teaching in classroom and one-on-one settings. I provide academic and social-emotional support to students with a variety of learning differences.

After graduating from Pepperdine University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education, as well as my California Teaching Credential, I taught 3rd and 4th grade at an independent school in Pasadena for five years. I loved the excitement and community of working as a teacher, yet in the classroom environment I began to notice students who were not receiving the academic support they needed to be successful. I observed students who lacked skills in specific academic areas, couldn’t focus on work in the classroom setting, or simply lacked confidence in their ability as learners. While I tried my best to meet the unique needs of each student, I realized that many of these students would benefit from more targeted, one-on-one instruction. This led me to further my own education in the field of Educational Therapy.

In 2015, I earned my Certificate of Educational Therapy from University of California Riverside and became an active member of the national Association of Educational Therapists (AET) and the International Dyslexia Association (IDA). As my private practice has grown, I am now able to devote all of my time to providing tailored, one-on-one educational therapy sessions to students in my Brentwood office and virtually all over the world. My favorite part of my job is bringing back the love of learning to my students as I seek to make content both engaging and accessible. When I am not working with students, I love hiking in the Santa Monica mountains with my pup, trying out new recipes, and reading a good book.

Catherine Stewart, Educational Therapist

Hello! My name is Catherine Stewart. I am a Southern California native, born and raised in Los Angeles. I studied Human Development and Psychology at the University of California, San Diego. My professional background has been centered around the fields of education and psychology where I have held many positions, including teacher, researcher, behavioral therapist, academic coach, and, most recently, learning specialist. In education, specifically, I have over 8 years of combined experience. I have worked with students of all ages, learning profiles, and backgrounds. My work has included planning and teaching lessons, reading and interpreting neuropsychological testing and IEPs to provide individualized support, executive functioning coaching, and generally supporting students with diagnosed learning disabilities, medical conditions, or other difficulties in learning. I recently completed my certificate in Educational Therapy at UC Riverside and am an official member of the Association of Educational Therapists (AET). I am a strong believer in a growth mindset and individualized learning. When I am not working with students, I love spending time with my family and friends, enjoying the outdoors, being active, baking, and traveling.

Gal Sharony, Learning Specialist 

Hello, my name is Gal! I was born in Chile and raised in Miami, Florida. Having graduated with a Bachelor’s in Communication Sciences and Disorders from the University of Central Florida, I went on to get my Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology. I have traveled the world teaching English and Spanish, as well as broadening my practice by assisting students with Special Needs, serving those with Autism, Down Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy. I have extensive experience working in the Los Angeles community, where I worked as an Educational Therapist and obtained training in Executive Functioning skills programs and the Lindamood-Bell ® program. Over these past years, I have also enjoyed the opportunity of homeschooling gifted students, and assisting with early reading and writing. I am always seeking to create meaningful connections and aid my students in their learning journey.

Jill Bodie, Educational Therapist 

Hi! My name is Jill. I was born and raised in Canada and have been living in Los Angeles since 2014. I completed my undergraduate studies at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, followed shortly with a Bachelor in Education from University of Toronto. After teaching high school English, History, and Dance in Toronto for 5 years, I went on to receive a Masters of Social Work from University of Toronto. I have worked as a crisis counsellor to youth and adults with mental health struggles, a parenting coach, and a coach to adults and youth struggling with ADHD. I have been working for over a decade as an ADHD/Executive Function coach to youth and adults alike. Upon relocating with my family to Los Angeles, I attended California State University, Northridge where I earned a Master of Arts in Educational Therapy. I am passionate about working with bright students who need support to be successful in school and in life. I enjoy supporting students emotionally while helping them develop essential skills such as time and task management, calendaring, planning and study skills. In recent years, I have gained experience and training to create personalized remedial reading programs through the Orton-Gillingham approach. When I am not working with students, I enjoy cooking, reading, traveling, and volunteering in my community.

Niko Arredondo, Educational Therapist

Hi, my name is Niko! I earned my Bachelor’s degree from the University of California Merced in History. Following my undergrad education, I began my studies in Special Education at California State University Northridge. At this times, I also worked as a behavior interventionist, supporting a diverse range of students with learning disabilities, in particular students with Autism. In 2018, I received my Master’s in Special Education with an emphasis in Educational Therapy. Within educational therapy sessions, I incorporate my strengths of identifying students’ areas of need through diagnostic assessments. I use these results to create tailored psycho-educational goals for my students to work towards in sessions. I enjoy building strong rapport with my students by tapping into their interests as I plan sessions. In my spare time, I enjoy cooking at home, traveling and playing sports.

Morgan Peters, Learning Specialist

Hello, my name is Morgan Peters. I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Northeastern University, and continued my graduate studies at Loyola Marymount University, earning a Master’s degree in Special Education. For the past several years, I have been a full-time special education teacher for students in grades K-5. In my role, I work with students one-on-one, read and interpret testing reports and IEPS, implement remedial learning plans, and regularly communicate with parents and other members of the student’s support team. I have experience working with students with a wide range of mild to moderate and severe learning differences, including students with ADD/ADHD, ASD, auditory and visual processing issues, dyslexia, dyscalculia, and dysgraphia. I specialize in implementing and customizing a wide variety of remedial programs for reading, writing and math. Additionally, I provide executive functioning support to help students further develop their organization, time management and study skills. I recently started a podcast called Happy House Families, providing helpful strategies for parents and caregivers. In my free time, I enjoy traveling, taking hikes and relaxing at the beach.